Harrington BeBe Chinato

Harrington BeBe Chinato
Product Name: BeBe Chinato
Varieties: Nebbiolo


A treasured part of Piemontese wine culture is the Chinato digestivo made from Nebbiolo. The herb-infused recipes used to make Chinato are never shared as each wine family has their own time-tested formula. Consequently, this wine spent 8 years in one oak barrel while the proper percentages of herbs, roots, flowers and barks were slowly, carefully introduced and studied. The primary aim was to construct the classic Chinato aromatic profile, the second to create a unique range of flavors that would fit within targeted bitterness, sweetness and alcohol levels. The wine was fortified to 16.5% alcohol with a brandy made from the same Nebbiolo grapes. Expect robust and deep aromas of cherry compote, clove, cardamom, cinnamon and rhubarb. Chinato is at its best when paired with dark chocolate after a meal.
Production: 37 Cases
SRP: $35.00

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