Almanac Elephant Heart de Brettaville Farmhouse Ale

Almanac Elephant Heart de Brettaville Farmhouse Ale
Product Name: Elephant Heart de Brettaville
ABV: 6.5%


Elephant Heart de Brettaville takes its name from Elephant Heart plums, a fruit prized for its ruby red flesh and berry-like tartness. We began with a brett-fermented ale and aged it in wine barrels with this succulent stone fruit, then generously dry-hopped with El Dorado right before packaging.
This bright farmhouse ale balances the candy-like sweetness of the fruit and hops with brettanomyces funk to create a complex brew, perfect for pairing with roasted lamb or Manchego cheese.
Hops: El Dorado
Other: Elephant Heart Plums

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