About iTasteIt.com

iTasteIt.com (iTi) is a way for our users (that's you) to record tasting notes for the food and beverage products ('Eats' & 'Drinks' in iTi parlance) that they try. And because where you taste can be just as rewarding as what you taste we decided to focus on merchants that produce their own products and, most importantly, provide customers with the opportunity to taste them. This is often at or near the location where they're made, truly the best tasting experience of all!

Be sure to visit the site with your smartphone. It's very basic but it will allow you to add your tasting notes at the venue.

One rather important note:
Our current listings of merchants and products is quite small and there's no way (yet) for our users to add the products they've tasted. However, we're adding merchants and products everyday.

Thanks for visiting!